The following talks are available:

1. North East Songs surveys songs native to the Northeast of England, and explains why their strong character has meant that the recognised canon of English folksongs have rarely been found there.

2. Songs about Nelson. Given the popularity of the man, the number of songs the people have sung about him are surprsingly few.

3. The Napoleonic Ballads. About seven or eight songs concerning Napoleon Bonaparte have been allocated this epithet for some time now. The talk attempts to justify this, and analyses their "Irishness".

4. John Barleycorn tunes. This song is among the most popular in the English language. It also has an enormous number of tunes which have been used, overwhelmingly in oral tradition. Based on the original talk given at the EFDSS meeting at Cecil Sharp House on 5th October, 2017.


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To access any of these talks, you need to email me at (I had hoped to make them avaiable on this website, but that has proved difficult.) Once I hear from you, I'll send it via "We transfer" -it will only take a short time to download. Please let me know of any snags, technical or otherwise. You will need a version of powerpoint from 2010 onward