The Tale of Ale, a compilation of songs, sayings, and playlets on the theme of beer, was written and produced in the early 70s by Vic Gammon. (available on CD). I modified the script a bit and produced it on Tyneside and at various northern folk festivals, with Ray Fisher, Jim Sharp, Alan Fitzsimmons, and Mike Douglas. At Whitby Folk Week 2001, I ran it as a daily series of workshops for volunteers, culminating in a "show" on the Friday.

The Cruel Wars, songs, quotes, and recitations on the Napoleonic Wars with emphasis on Tyneside, was written by me and first produced in 1977 at the Newcastle Playhouse with Jez Lowe, Jed Foley, and Jean and Andy Seagroatt. At Whitby Folk Week, 2000, I ran it as a daily series of workshops for volunteers, culminating in a "show" on the Friday.

The Transports. Peter Bellamy's magnificent ballad opera. I produced this on Tyneside in 1988, with Kim Bibby, Dory Dixon, Martin Dunn, Robin Dunn, Alan Fitzsimmons, Benny Graham, Johnny Handle, and Jim Mageean.

The Whale. A ballad opera version of Moby Dick, written by Jonty and Colin Walker for the Tall Ships' Race in Newcastle in 1993, featured many Tyneside musicians and singers, including myself in character as the malevolent Captain Ahab.

Sailors & Their Doxies. Song, anecdote, & pictures about Sailor Jack's liaisons with the fairer sex. Sometimes ashore, sometimes on board, and sometimes in hospital! But also about Jack in love. With The Keelers, Louis Killen, and Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman. Done at Lancaster Maritime Festival, Easter 2004, as a participation show at Whitby in 2004, and at the Sage Gateshead in July 2005 for the Tall Ships' Race

Nelson-The Fiery Admiral. The life of Nelson in traditional song, music, anecdote and narrative and visual illustrations. Written and produced by me, with musical arrangement by maestro fiddler Stewart Hardy. The Keelers, Benny Graham, Emily Portman, Penny Callow, and Amy Thatcher in the cast. Performed at the Caedmon Hall Gateshead, October 2005, financed by Gateshead Council.


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