Pete Wood______Johnny Handle

Contents of the Book

1 Childhood, the War, and early music
2 Jazz Days
3 The early folk club 1958 to 1965
4 The Folk Revival at its height
5 Pastures New
6 Johnny the researcher
7 The Songs
8 The Recitations
9 The Tunes
10 To finish

Appendix Johnny in the pits


Johnny Handle is one of life's phenomenal rarities. Starting out in the exciting Newcastle Jazz scene of the fifties, he turned to folk music and became one of the most important figures of the British folk revival and the status of the North East within it. He is perhaps best known to many people for his highly entertaining performances, often deploying a unique kind of comedy underpinned by consummate musicianship. But there is more. Not only is he one of the most creative forces, with 150 songs and recitations, over 300 tunes and several themed shows to his name, he has also made major contributions to research, particularly into North East musical culture. Pete's book charts these things, and attempts to analyse the sheer energy and zest for life of this remarkable man.

"A missionary of the Geordie speaking peoples" Mike Harding

"He always lifted the night. He has a wink in his eye" Benny Graham

"Local folk legend" Sting