Pete Wood_____The Green Linnet

Napoleonic songs from the French Wars to the present day

Published in 2015, available for £12.50 plus p&p. Reviews below.

A paperback, 172 pages with many songs, some well known others much less so. About 170 songs about Napoleon and Waterloo are listed, with source. The words are given for 60-odd, and dots where a tune is known. There is much discussion of the history of the songs and the times in which they arose, and the interchange beween printed and oral versions.

Contents of the Book

Chapter 1 The Revolutionary Wars, 1793 to 1802
Chapter 2 Invasion Threat, 1803
Chapter 3 Napoleon on the run, 1812 to 1815
Chapter 4 The battle of Waterloo
Chapter 5 Waterloo songs - the romantic ones
Chapter 6 The aftermath of war
Chapter 7 The minor "grand sweep" songs
Chapter 8 The Napoleonic Ballads
Chapter 9 Long after Waterloo
Chapter 10 Some conclusions

Table of songs considered
Song Index
General Index

Some Review Quotes:

"Sound scholarship with a light touch. Buy it." John Waltham, Living Tradition

"an admirable piece of work" Martin Graebe, English Dance and Song

"an excellent addition to the scholarship" Steve Roud, Folk Music Journal

"a good and valuable piece of work....there's lots of interesting stuff here." Rod Stradling, Mustrad

"Highly recommended-an engrossing read and an indispensible work of reference" Nigel Schofield, Tykes' News