A Lancashire man, I have been involved in folk music for over five decades, and have lived and sung on Tyneside for 43 of them. I first got interested as a student in Sheffield in the sixties, and of course bought a guitar in order to learn some songs. Eventually some people paid me to sing, based in Sheffield and then Kingston, where I was involved in the Fighting Cocks club along with people like Rod Stradling, Arthur Knevett, and Paddy Marchant. When I realised that I'd never be able to do what Nic Jones and Martin Carthy were doing with the guitar, I took up concertina, and got more gigs. I was also on a couple of classical folk recordings of the 1970s, but always had a day job, which restricted how much music I could do (at least, that's the reason I choose to give.) I moved to Tyneside in 1974, and whilst I'd sooner have gone to Delph, the music up here has been phenomenal. I played with the Trimdon Folk band for a bit, then got in with the Gosforth crowd (Jim Mageedan, Alan Fitzsimmons), and later was asked to join the High Level Ranters, after Ali Anderson and Tom Gilfellon left. I enjoyed that immensely, especially the Australian Tour of 1981, and continued to play with Johnny Handle in his various bands for many years. In 1986, to coincide with the first Newcastle Tall Ships Race, I helped set up the Keelers, the renowned Tyneside shanty group, which went on to do a lot of work in Poland, Germany, and other parts of Europe, and which continues to thrive, of course. I have also used the keyboard to extend my repertoire, I do more contemporary songs, (Keith Marsden, Graham Miles, Terry Conway) and I anjoy playing fiddle regularly at sessions. Another claim to fame is that of producer of several "folk shows". These started with "The Tale of Ale", Vic Gammon's product of 1970, which I adapted to Tyneside later in the 70s. In my dotage, I have taken to writing about folk music, including to date three books.

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