Pete Wood, Young Edwin, 2014 (Hooky Mat Records 019). Detail

Pete Wood, Manchester Angel, 2007, (Keel Music KMCD105) Detail
Peter Wood, John o' Greenfield, cassette 1994, CD 2001 (Keel Music KMCD104) Detail
The Trimdon Band, vinyl 1975 (T101)
The New High Level Ranters, vinyl 1982 (Topic Records,12TS425)
Keelers, Keelhaulin, cassette 1988, CD 2001 (Keel Music KMCD101)
Keelers, Farewell to the Master, cassette 1991, CD 2001 (Keel Music KMCD102)
Keelers, Songs of the Sea, casette 1993, Folkworks
Keelers, On the North sea Ground, 1999 (Keel Music KMCD103)
Johnny Handle Band, Handle With Care, cassette 1989 (Common Ground CGRC003)
Johnny Handle Band, The Difficult Fish, cassette 1992 (Common Ground CGRC009)
Johnny Handle Band, Handle With Care, CD 2001
Tale of Ale, Vinyl 1976, CD 1993 (Free Reed FRCD 23)
Submarine Alley, cassette 1992, Scorpion's Eye SE001
The Whale, A folk Oratorio, cassette 1993
Pinch o' Salt, Seaboot Duff and Handspike Gruel, cassette 1995
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Shirley Collins, Love Death and the Lady, Vinyl 1970, CD 1994 (Harvest CZ534)
Jim Mageean, Of Ships and Men, Vinyl 1978 (Greenwich Village GVR203)
Alan Fitzsimmons, Old Wood Is Best, 1998 (Keel Music FITZ014)

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